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Advent Series with the Rev. James A. Hughes

The First Century of Christianity

9:15 AM

Richardson Room

Session 1 - The World Jesus Enters

Fr. Hughes’ Discussions at Sunday Forums in Advent – The First Century of Christianity – Four Sundays, November 27 through December 18

All are invited to attend the Advent series conducted by our friend and guest preacher Fr. James Hughes.  Fr. Hughes will present four Adult Forum talks on the initial 100 years of Christianity.  The series, which begins this Sunday, November 27, examines how Christianity developed in its first century from a strange start.  Discussions draw on the work of the New Testament professor Udo Schnelle at the University of Gottingen (Germany). 

The series begins on Advent I with an examination of the world Christ enters.  The focus turns to the early believers and their church in Jerusalem the following Sunday; then the early missions and churches outside Jerusalem; and on Advent IV the consultative gathering of Apostles with Paul’s mission.

The presentations will resume in Lent with other aspects of Christianity’s early growth.  Fr. Hughes generously offers the series gratis.   In gratitude the Vestry along with the Rector has created The

Rev. James Hughes Fund to support Christian Education at St. Barnabas’.

Please join our good friend in this exploration of our faith at the Sunday Adult Forums in Advent and later in Lent.  The discussions will take place in the Richardson Room at 9:15 a.m.

For anyone who wants to join but cannot make it in person, please consider joining with us virtually, via Zoom.  The link appears in the weekly email (sent Wednesday, November 23, 2022).