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Visitors Welcome

Every church says, "Visitors Welcome." St. Barnabas' says, "Visitors Expected!"  We are always happy to have new people come to bless us with their presence and to share in our life together.



When you arrive at St. Barnabas' on a Sunday morning, a greeter or an usher will welcome you. You will be given a service bulletin to guide you through the worship service, and you will be invited to choose a seat in the church.

During worship, we use the Book of Common Prayer and hymnals. At points during the service the congregation may stand, sit, or kneel. If you are not familiar with what to do, simply follow the example of your neighbors in the pews.

We sing hymns from several books, including the Hymnal 1982, Wonder Love & Praise, and Lift Every Voice and Sing. The hymns are listed in the service bulletin and on the hymn boards on the walls at the front of the church.

About halfway through the service, the congregation will exchange the Peace, greeting one another in the name of the Lord. After that the Rector will make announcements, and invite anyone who is celebrating a birthday to come forward for prayers. Feel free to come forward if you, too, are having a birthday!

After the announcements, we celebrate Holy Eucharist, also known as communion. Our table is not an Episcopal table, but the Lord's Table, and so we welcome all who seek to nourish and deepen their relationship with Jesus. At the appropriate time in the service, the ushers will invite the congregation to come up to receive communion at the altar rail. Hold out your hands, your right palm over your left palm, to receive the Bread. Reach out and guide the chalice to your lips to take a sip of the Wine. If you prefer, you may dip the Bread in the Wine and consume them together.

After the service is over, we hope that you will come join us for a cup of coffee or tea, so that we can welcome you personally. And if you have any questions--about anything!--please ask us. We love to talk about our faith, our Church, and Jesus Christ.

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