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Rector Search


Rector Search Committee

Anyone who has questions about the search process is welcome to contact PJ Kennedy, Chair, or any committee member:  Hugh Agnew, Michael Dugger, Librada Estrada, Rotha Frye, Carolyn Lilienthal and Molly Newling.
The Search Committee meets every Tuesday evening.

     At its most recent meeting, the Rector Search Committee discussed the status of the Community Ministry Profile, the primary document used in the recruitment of a new Rector. The profile was shared with the Vestry in June and is expected to be forwarded to the Diocese in the near term.
     The Committee also considered and agreed to an evaluation form and process for the review of applications.  The procedures to be used to evaluate top candidates following application review were also discussed.  It was agreed that a first round of interviews would be conducted using an internet platform, and, following further evaluation, in-person interviews and visits would be conducted. Areas of focus for the interviews were also agreed to, based on the congregational surveys, and interview questions are planned to be reviewed at the next meeting. 

     After a long period of analyzing information from the Parish surveys, writing, rewriting, getting input from key committees and individuals and review by the Vestry, the St Barnabas Community Portfolio has been completed by the Search Committee.  It has now been forwarded to the Diocese for review, and then posting for Rector candidates to see and respond to. The Search Committee has now turned to the task of crafting interview questions for potential candidates. 

     Another task we are beginning to work on, with the assistance of Catherine Dubas and Mariel York is to update the website to reflect the current status and activities of the parish.  This is important for two reasons, both to give Rector candidates a better sense of who we are and what we do, and also to provide that same information for individuals who may be looking for a church home.